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Welcome to Airboat rides Weston

We are Airboat Rides Weston, a private airboat tour operator in the Everglades with a 35-year history of operating the best Everglades airboat rides in Florida. We offer airboat rides across multiple locations in Florida, including Weston and many more. If you are visiting the Weston area, rest assured that our boat ramp is easy to access and easy to find. The best way to find us is by calling us or contacting us on our website. Our aim is simple: for you to make the most of the Everglades by having a great time on our airboats. Expect to discover splendid nature spots bursting with unique and exciting wildlife, all in the safe hands of experienced and passionate captains.

Enjoy the best Private Airboat Rides in Weston Florida

Who wants to be stuck on a boat with strangers and tourists? We know from experience that most of you like their Everglades airboat ride to be comfortable and intimate. For this reason, we only offer private airboat rides. Book your tour with your family, your friends, or as a couple. Private airboat tours are the best of both worlds: a great tour and a more intimate and comfortable experience. We also take on larger groups for corporate other types of events. Bring your office colleagues for a day out in Florida away from the workplace. Whatever group size and occasions, we have you covered!

Airboat Rides Weston: an experienced Family-Owned Business

We offer some of the most professional tours in the Everglades. It is because we are a family-operated business with 35 years of experience in airboating. We know the Everglades in and out, and all of our captains are natives of the Everglades. We will always share our passion and knowledge with you for a complete experience. Did we mention that our captains are United States certified coast guards? Not only that, but they all hold Florida-issued Captain’s licenses. In a few words, you’re in the best hands possible with the airboat industry’s seasoned professionals. We know what we are doing. Airboat Rides Weston brings you the best, safest, and most entertaining journey across the Everglades.

Discover the Everglades Wildlife

Most of you know about the Everglades and its unique wildlife. The idea of wild alligators and crocodiles often comes to mind. It gets even better, as the famous American Alligator is only one of the many fascinating creatures you will most likely come across during your airboat tour. We will always do our best so you can encounter such unique creatures. Our captains know the best places to take you to maximize your chances of wildlife encounters. Get ready to see some scary reptiles, unique bird species, odd mammals, and many more. The Everglades wildlife is one of the main attractions in Florida, and we will ensure that you will make the most of it.

The Best Airboat Experience in Weston Florida

Have you ever cruised aboard an airboat? If it is your first time, be prepared to have a fun time. Airboats are fast and agile, and you will enjoy gliding across the Everglades at high speeds. We offer a thrilling and adrenaline-packed ride, sliding across the Everglades while the breeze cools you from the hot Florida weather. Don’t worry. Airboats are a safe experience for you and your family. We can go fast, but we can also go slow. You can get a fast-paced ride while also taking your time observing nature. It’s all about what you want your airboat ride to be. As a bonus, some of our airboats have dual-driver seats. You can experience driving the airboat yourself, so remember to enquire about the availability of dual-driver seats when you’re making your booking.

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Airboat Rides Weston Florida operate all year round, during both the wet and dry seasons. You can choose a time of the year that is more convenient for you. Contact us to book your ride and get ready for a unique and thrilling airboat ride in the Everglades.

If you have any questions, we are more than happy to answer them. Please ask us anything. You can call us or use our contact form. Need more info about what to expect from your tour and how to prepare yourself? Please read our Frequently Asked Questions about preparing for an airboat ride. We are always here to help you and ensure you are ready for your Everglades adventure!


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