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Can You Bring Your Family To Airboat Rides Weston Florida?

Exploring the Everglades is probably the best thing you can do if you happen to be visiting Florida. From the thrill of a high-speed airboat cruise to the fascinating creatures you might encounter, it is a trip to remember for the times to come. However, many people tend to ask us if airboat rides Weston Florida are safe for their whole family. It is normal that people have questions about bringing along their children or even an older family member, and we are here to help alleviate your concerns regarding that matter.

Are airboat rides Weston Florida safe for children?

The first point to make is that we take safety extremely seriously, whether you are an adult or a child. Our airboats are always inspected before every journey, to ensure they are reliable and safe. We check our seats, our engines, we ensure our drink coolers are filled with bottled water. It is also worth noting that captain Wayne has more than 35 years’ experience taking people to the Everglades. He is a certified US coastguard with a captain’s license issued by the state of Florida.

Now that you know you’re in good hands, how does that translate to your children? We have established that they will be safe, but will they actually enjoy the ride? The great news is, from our experience, yes, they do. Children actually have a great time just being on the airboat itself. We glide fast above the surface of the water, and children really enjoy that feeling. It is comparable to those rides in an amusement park. Unlike traditional boats where people can feel seasick, airboats do not sway, so both adults and children don’t feel ill. It is the perfect compromise of fun and exploration.

What about people of an older age?

The great thing about airboat rides Weston Florida is that we have some flexibility on how we ride. We can go fast, but we can also go slower. If some of your family members aren’t too much about the thrill, they can still enjoy a relaxed exploratory journey across the Everglades. Ultimately, your ride is about you and what you want. We can go fast, or we can go slow for those that prefer a gentler and calmer experience.

Another concern is about turbulence, and how this can affect people with a more fragile body. To address this, you should know that airboats offer very smooth sailing across the board. Due to the nature of airboats and how they function, sailing is nothing short of a smooth ride. It isn’t nearly as bumpy as, let’s say, a normal speedboat would be. This is great news for people that might have a weak back or other predispositions that would preclude them from doing any bumpy activities. In reality, airboat rides are a great method of transportation for all ages.

Are airboat rides Weston Florida safe from animal attacks?

Everyone of all age is safe on our airboats. We get close to those alligators, but never too close that it would cause any significant risk. Since everyone is well seated and we keep our distance, animals leave us alone, as well as we let them get on with their routines. The same rules that apply to regular adults also apply to children and the elderly. We will instruct you not to try to feed the animals, and we will ensure you are safe from their attacks.

Private airboat rides are more intimate for your family

We know you prefer not to be on a boat with a bunch of strangers, and this is why we only do private airboat rides. It means you can safely book knowing you will only be in the company of your family. No other tourists to annoy you or even endanger you. It is the best way to visit the Everglades, knowing you are with the people you love and care for. You will have plenty of room in the airboat, rather than being squeezed with a group of other people you don’t know and don’t care much for.

Airboat rides Weston Florida are perfect for you and your family

The conclusion is that airboat rides Weston Florida are safe for taking your family to the Everglades. Our professionalism combined with how airboats work and the fact that we only do private rides makes for the perfect conditions for you and your loved ones. If you have any questions and are still unsure, we encourage you to contact us online or call us, and we will do our best to alleviate any concerns you may have. We hope to see you and your family soon, and we can’t wait to make you discover the Everglades!

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